Jess and Kayne came up with the concept of a new, holistic take on financial advising while living in Australia, wanting to turn financial services into something more than a transactional environment. Luckily for Kiwis everywhere, they brought that fresh thinking back to New Zealand in 2013. What started as Manage My Money morphed into Money Empire, and the team’s now grown to include several Registered Financial Advisers. The team is based in Ponsonby, Auckland, but they’re doing business all over the country thanks to the convenience of technology!

Jess Wahlstrom


E: jess@moneyempire.co.nz
M: 021 661 430

Australian export Jess has all of the client services and administrative know-how a company could dream of. She’s been in this area since 2007, with a particular background in law and finance back across the ditch. So she’s well-equipped to manage and maintain Money Empire’s business and client relationships.

Jess is hugely proud of what Money Empire does, and she’s got a particular passion for providing clients with all the right information and support to work towards better financial decisions and the ultimate construction of their own empires! She loves when she can tell that clients are confident and proud of their financial situation – knowing that she’s helped to permanently change a client’s life for the better is a pretty top-notch feeling.

Another passion close to Jess’s heart is Australian Calisthenics, something she’s been involved in for 25 years. It’s a dance sport that isn’t really known outside of Jess’s homeland, so she’s working to change that! She teaches a Calisthenics class every week here in Auckland, with a group of young girls eager to learn more.

When Jess isn’t helping her clients and team at Money Empire, she is chasing after her toddler daughter Evie!

Kayne Wahlstrom


E: kayne@moneyempire.co.nz
M: 021 622 724

Kayne is one of the founders of Money Empire with over ten years of financial industry experience behind him. Having spent seven years in the Australian Industry as a financial planner he then headed home to passionately create and build from the ground up– Money Empire.

From Kayne’s perspective, Money Empire fills a giant gap in New Zealand’s financial advice sector. The average kiwi is often a little clueless when it comes to financial know-how – and Kayne’s making sure that Money Empire does what it can to tailor its offerings so that people get what they need – both in terms of product and education.

He’s a statistics buff and a sports fanatic. Rugby’s very close to his heart, and he’s an ardent supporter of the All Blacks and the Blues. If he wasn’t in the financial advice sector? Kayne reckons he would be involved in property developing, creating homes that are in desired locations at affordable prices. Property is always a good investment, after all!

Goran Loncar


E: goran@moneyempire.co.nz
M: 021 819 152

Tackling each day with his wicked sense of humour, keen eye for detail, and enthusiasm for helping people achieve their financial goals – that’s what makes Goran tick.

He has a background in insurance brokerage administration, including time in both Fire & General and Commercial teams. But in 2016, he decided that the time had come to push himself further career-wise and he became a Registered Financial Adviser.

Goran thrives on listening to people’s stories to understand their goals and situation as best he can – then on taking them through their financial journey. He’s pretty sure that there’s no better feeling than helping a family buy their first home – and helping people protect their most important asset: themselves!

When he’s not helping make people financially secure and confident with Money Empire, you can usually find Goran spending time with his family. He’s a massive fan of the Warriors, and a devotee to all kinds of music. And in case you’ve never heard the name before, Goran is a Slavic name meaning ‘mountain man’.

Lisa Barton


E: lisa@moneyempire.co.nz
M: 021 708 235

Lisa brings some serious financial savvy to the Money Empire team, with nine years at a mainstream bank she has accumulated a lot of valuable knowledge along the way. 

It was dealing with a Money Empire client in a bank capacity that Lisa discovered our company – and seeing the way our system worked from an outside perspective was what drew her in, now 3 and a half years on she is still out there helping clients build their empires. 

She has a passion for helping clients manage their finances – whether this be making a plan to purchase their first home or looking at options to expand their property portfolio. 

At work and at play, Lisa’s very fastidious about keeping things organised – she freely admits to always needing everything in its place. She’s most at home in the company of family and friends, whether she’s relaxing in familiar company or firing up the barbecue.

When Lisa isn’t busy working with her clients to reach their financial goals, she is also a busy mum of two girls Chloe and Courtney, who like to keep her on her toes! 

Isa Nacewa


E: isa@moneyempire.co.nz
M: 021 581 023

Isa has spent the last 15 years playing professional rugby in both Ireland and New Zealand, returning home to New Zealand in July of 2018. Isa knew that retirement was inevitable so the change of careers to a to Registered Financial Adviser was the next challenge and career path he decided to take.

Isa met Kayne and Jess many years ago so knew he was coming to work for great people with great values. Working with a driven company is what Isa has said was important to him.

After spending so much time in the professional sport industry, Isa has seen the positives and negatives of how athletes and their families benefit or don’t from their often-short careers. Having a young family of his own, always having one eye on the future and protecting his family is important to him.

Isa is looking forward to working with people from all walks of life and is eager to help people achieve their financial goals and future dreams.

When Isa is not working he enjoys spending time with friends and family, surfing, coffee and American BBQ’S.

Neve Jervis


E: neve@moneyempire.co.nz
P: 09 361 0050

Neve started out in early childhood, however after 3 years decided it was time to challenge herself further career-wise. Neve is the Money Empire Client Service Coordinator and is always eager to learn more about the finance industry and give exceptional customer service.

Now, two years in Neve has enjoyed seeing the process of people buying their first property, an investment property and everything else in between. She thinks it is great watching people smash their financial goals and to begin building their Empire’s!

When Neve is not working, she enjoys spending time at the beach, surfing and spending time with friends and family. Neve has a passion for travelling, a love for music and the latest fashions. Neve likes to keep fit by going to the gym and doing outdoor boot camp classes.

Lydia Sleeman Bailey


E: lydia@moneyempire.co.nz
P: 027 849 0099



Our new Marketing Specialist Lydia brings a wide range of experience from different marketing areas, ranging from digital, to brand, to retail. Using her passion for creativity, strategy, and research, she is the mastermind behind our client-oriented marketing creation and plans.

Previously working alongside some massive clients inside and outside the financial industry, Lydia is keen to further her knowledge of this exciting industry, and see how the other side operates!

Outside of work, Lydia loves to throw herself in to exercise, books, music gigs, and socialising a bunch. She has travelled to over 19 countries and is hoping for the next chance to travel internationally again! She also loves to stay up to date with what’s cooking up a storm in the food world.

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