A Spotlight On Money Empire

Meet the people behind the scenes and why we do what we do.

What we stand for

Our culture

We are a company that prides itself on being a little different and having diversity of thought. It’s easy to think that financial advisers are transaction-oriented, money hungry people for the rich and wealthy. Not here.

There’s plenty of t-shirts, there’s some sick sneaks, and there’s a lot of laughs.

The people who make it all possible

The team is based in a groovy office in Ponsonby, Auckland. This doesn’t stop us, because we’re doing business all over the world.

Isa Nacewa



021 581 023

Lisa Barton

Financial Adviser


021 708 235

Goran Loncar

Financial Adviser


021 819 152

Neve Jervis

Financial Adviser/Loan Writer


021 051 0254

Mike Yee

Financial Adviser


021 0276 6084

Cam Barrett

Financial Adviser


027 2625 599

Sanj Silva

Head of Growth & Strategic Relations


021 455 677

Raj Chand

Credit & Compliance Lead


021 119 3363

Nikitas Kafantaris

Client Services


Jess Wahlstrom



021 661 430

Lydia Sleeman Bailey

Marketing Specialist


Saskia Reinen-Hamill

Social Media Specialist


Jordyn Tuffery

Graphic Designer


Anita Taylor

Lead Graphic Designer


Kayne Wahlstrom



021 622 724

Want to be a part of The Empire Group?

We are always on the look out for people to add to our ever-growing team. Check out our career page and see what we’ve got going.

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Real time testimonials

Money Empire’s main focus has been transforming people’s futures, not transactions and sales. We wanted to focus on changing the lives of our clients.

Our platforms cater for all things property, finance, and insurance.

Ready to build your empire?

All you need to do is send us a message and leave the hard work to us.