A Spotlight On Money Empire

Meet the people behind the scenes and why we do what we do.

What we stand for

Our culture

We are a company that prides itself on being a little different and having diversity of thought. It’s easy to think that financial advisers are transaction-oriented, money hungry people for the rich and wealthy. Not here.

There’s plenty of t-shirts, there’s some sick sneaks, and there’s a lot of laughs.

The people who make it all possible

The team is based in a groovy office in Ponsonby, Auckland. This doesn’t stop us, because we’re doing business all over the world.

Kayne Wahlstrom

Founder & CEO


021 622 724

Sanj Silva

Sales and Strategy


021 455 677

Jess Wahlstrom



021 661 430

Lucy Woodruffe

Insurance Adviser


 022 037 9596

Ra Gurunathan

Financial Adviser


 022 092 8511

Joseph Katta

Financial Adviser


 027 300 4140

Lisa McCall

Financial Adviser


 027 205 6393

Carol Barnard

Credit Specialist


Rebecca Lash

Loan Writer


Anita Taylor

Lead Graphic Designer


We’re not your usual financial advisers

We’re powered by a set of values to hold ourselves accountable. It’s embedded in every one of our people so you can work with us as a team.

Positive Mindset

Our financial advisers are unlike any others. They are creative thinkers – consider them to be your financial mad scientists! With our vast knowledge and expertise, we can come up with solutions to any mortgage, insurance and property goals in question. Our mortgage and insurance gurus believe that good financial advice should never be a luxury, so we make it easy and accessible.

Team Players

With years of experience in mortgages, insurances and financial planning guidance, we have your best interests at heart. Our job isn’t to make you feel deflated or like you have failed – instead, we want to ensure that you receive the best mortgage and insurance advice tailored specifically for your needs. We are here to provide comfort and assurance that all next steps are taken responsibly in order for you to reach your financial goals.

Go The Extra Mile

We don’t judge: no matter what your current situation is and what your future goals are. We believe that everyone deserves a chance to make their dreams into a reality. We want to use our resources and expertise to encourage people on the path towards success and a brighter future.

Want to be a part of The Empire Group?

We are always on the look out for people to add to our ever-growing team. Check out our career page and see what we’ve got going.

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Real time testimonials

Money Empire’s main focus has been transforming people’s futures, not transactions and sales. We wanted to focus on changing the lives of our clients.