Make 2017 your best money year yet!

2017 Financial Planning in Auckland
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2017 may be the Year of the Rooster, but that little birdie also told us that it’s the year you take on the world – the year you get that much closer to building your empire. Armed with lofty goals and big dreams, you’ll need a real, solid plan to save your ambitions from following in the footsteps of most well-intentioned resolutions, which tend to fade about as fast as your hangover on New Year’s Day.

Whether your goal in 2017 is to cast off your credit card debt, or get yourself into a position to get further up (or even onto) the property ladder, there are a range of things you can do to make sure that when it comes to your money matters you are doing what…well, matters!


First, take stock of where you are now

You know where you want to go, and that’s awesome! However, to set you on the path to greatness, most goals require some measure of money management. You don’t need to be a bean-counter, nor does it need to be scary. As a first step, consider where you are right now. What is currently sitting in your credit and debit columns, and how are your money hygiene habits helping or hindering you?

You may not necessarily need to do up a strict budget, but this process does require you to be real. Is your credit card spiralling out of control and stalling your savings plan? That might be something to address first. Did you just ‘lock and leave’ your mortgage so now you find yourself paying way too much interest? Is a shortfall in insurance leaving you financially exposed to the point where any event could totally derail your progress?

These things all have easy fixes and getting them in order will enable you to start from a strong foundation as you work towards your financial goals. Baby steps are fine – as long as you know what direction you’re heading in. The point here is to look, realistically, at where you are right now. This is your starting point; it’s your benchmark. From here you can build up to bridging the gap to where you want to be.


Phone a friend

You know how we said you don’t have to be a bean-counter to master some of your own money magic? You’re unquestionably the expert on your own situation, not to mention the driver of your destiny, but when it comes to working out the way there, there’s nothing like a little help from your friends.

Your financial adviser should be able to work with you on a roadmap for your finances to enable you to get where you’re going faster. If you don’t have someone who fits this bill yet, consider giving us a call. Whoever it is though, find someone you can trust. This is an important relationship; think of them as a partner who’ll be along with you on your journey. With this in mind, you need to make sure that they really ‘get’ where you’re going.


Make a plan for 2017

Goals are one thing (and, don’t get us wrong, they’re a stupendously important thing!) but without a plan, they’re just wishes. This is where the blue sky dreaming meets up with reality so that you can create a map to your success. The financial foundation that you’ve now established becomes the X that marks the spot you’re in right now.

Part of being savvy enough to seek your own success requires being clear on the actions you need to take to get you closer to your goals. It doesn’t matter if you don’t yet know everything you’ll need to do along the way, just take the next couple of steps and set aside time to reassess and figure out the next ones when you get those done.

2017 is your year, so go out there and build your empire!


For help with building your empire in 2017, just get in touch.

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