So You Need A Financial Adviser – Why Use Money Empire?

Money Empire financial advisers
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You’re keen to buy a house, get your debt under control, or plan for the future.

Exciting! But unless you’re a money expert yourself, you’re probably going to want a financial adviser to help you figure out what you should do with your money and how you can build that beautiful financial empire you’ve been dreaming about.

So why do we reckon you should use Money Empire? Don’t worry, we’re not about to get all sales-y (is there anything worse?) – rather, we thought we’d lay out the kind of financial advisers that we are so you can figure out if we’re the right folks for the job. After all, we like working with people we like too, so it helps if you know that we’re up your alley!

So what makes Money Empire, well, Money Empire?


We’re not middle aged or nearing retirement (well, not yet anyway!)

You might notice we look a little different to your traditional financial adviser – our team of young, vibrant financial gurus come from a range of backgrounds and cultures, and we’ve pretty much been there, done that. But more importantly – we’ve been there, done that recently!

We get how tough the property market is at the moment, and what’s needed to pull yourself out of a tricky financial situation or get yourself into a better financial situation for your young family – because at least one of us has likely been there over the last few years! We combine that recent experience with some fresh thinking to help you figure out just how you can build your empire here and now (not ten years ago when the Auckland property market was a different beast entirely!)


We like people

Sure, in some ways we’re number crunchers. But what gets us excited is building relationships with people and really making a difference in their lives. We love getting to know people and figuring out what’s right for them – because are there any words more frustrating than one size fits all? We figure out what works for you, review that on a yearly basis, and even say no occasionally when that’s what will be best for you!


We’re a curious bunch

Which means we don’t like only knowing one thing! Each financial adviser in our team likes understanding everything about your financial situation and lifestyle so we can take a holistic approach to your financial planning, taking into account more than just your income and expenses, but also what the impact of those are on your life and goals. In other words, if you’re keen for just a one off transaction where you don’t tell us anything, we’re probably not the right fit for you.


We’re not satisfied with the status quo

We don’t believe in doing things the same way just cause that’s how they’ve always been done. The nice thing about working with a younger team is that we’re less set in our ways and we’re always thinking outside the box, looking for new opportunities to help you achieve your goals – whether that’s by structuring your mortgage in different ways or thinking creatively about how you can amp up your income to reach your goals and build your empire faster.

So that’s us – a team of enthusiastic, passionate advisers who know their stuff and love bringing fresh thinking to the table to help clients reach their goals. Now it’s your turn to tell us all about you – just drop us a line if you’re keen to catch up and talk about how you could build your empire.


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