Lisa Barton, one of our top mortgage advisors, has just given birth!

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Six months ago, Lisa Barton, mortgage advisor at Money Empire, gave birth to her second child – a beautiful girl named Courtney. She took the maximum amount of maternity leave to be there for Courtney’s formative early days, but after 5 months, she was back at work as a mortgage advisor here at Money Empire. 

We caught up with Lisa to find out about her journey from mortgage advisor and mum to full time mum and back again. 

Family comes first

Lisa is 29 years old, a mother to two girls (Chloe, 3 years, and Courtney, 6 months) and a fiance to Ryan. She grew up out in Huapai but now lives in her own home in Parakai. She loves simple pleasures like entertaining in her own home, exercising, being outdoors on the water and spending time with her girls. If there’s room in the budget, she says a shopping trip every now and then doesn’t go amiss! 

Despite that, she says family is most important to her, including her fiance Ryan:

“For Ryan and I, You could say we are ‘high school sweethearts’. We’ve been together for 12 years, and he’s still my best friend.”

Welcoming Courtney to the world

Thankfully, the pregnancy and the early days at home with little Courtney went well. However, Lisa says there was an adjustment period at first:

“During the first month or so, we were figuring out our new normal and adjusting our home life where needed, but we finally have a rhythm and all is going well. The highlight for me was watching Chloe become her own little mother hen and dote on her little sister. She loves to help me and help her sister.”

Returning to work at Money Empire

When Lisa returned to work we were stoked to have her positivity (and her adorable baby photos) back in the office. She says she was nervous about returning at first:

“I was nervous to begin with. I wasn’t sure how I would manage home life with 2 kids and work. I have had an amazing support system both at Money Empire and home which has made it really easy to transition back into work.”

The main challenge for Lisa has been learning to switch off once she gets home so that she can give her full attention to her girls. 

The importance of a strong support network

Strong support networks, both at home and at work, are essential during pregnancy and when returning to the workplace afterwards. Lisa found this made all the difference for her:

“Money Empire has gone above and beyond to support me through my journey of becoming a parent from the start. The majority of the Money Empire team are parents so the environment is great, we get to share our parent stories and have a few laughs about the funny things our kids say.”

The Money Empire team were adamant that Lisa could do whatever she needed to take care of her kids:

“The one thing that has stood out more than the rest is the support I have been given to express my milk whilst in the workplace – this was a topic I was a bit worried about. We need to normalise this more and I really appreciate the support Jess & Kayne and the Money Empire team have given me, so I can continue to breastfeed my youngest Courtney!” Lisa said. 

Lisa’s advice for mothers returning to work

Women who give birth should have access to the same career opportunities as their partners, while still being able to take care of their kids. With that in mind Lisa says confidence is key when you go back to work after a pregnancy:

“You will be nervous and you may have many reasons for why you want to return to work. These may be financial reasons, you may be doing it for your own sanity or your kids may be a little older so you feel ready. Be confident in yourself, go and buy yourself a new work outfit and find something you know you will enjoy. If you have questions to ask your future employer then ask them – don’t hold back.”

She says your return to work should be something that you enjoy:

“Enjoy the adult conversations you will have. Make sure you set a work/life balance, it’s not only good for you but also for your family.”

One of Lisa’s favourite parts of the job is helping young families just like hers buy homes and manage their money. If you need a hand with your mortgage or your financial plan, give Lisa a call today or drop into our office. You never know, you might be lucky enough to meet baby Courtney when you do.  

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