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Money Empire makes Top Reviews NZ list

Written by Money Empire

October 4, 2021

Welcome to Money Empire! If you’re here off the Top Reviews page, please know we couldn’t put the logo on our own main page without completely breaking the website. Not ideal! If you want to head on over to our very groovy main page, click the link here.

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Who is Money Empire?

We’re a group of financial advisers, specialising in Mortgage Broking and Insurance Broking. We believe in building long-term wealth, which means thinking bigger than today, tomorrow, or next year.

We are a company that prides itself on being a little different and having diversity of thought. It’s easy to think that financial advisers are transaction-oriented, money hungry people for the rich and wealthy. Not here.

There’s plenty of t-shirts, there’s some sick sneaks, and there’s a lot of laughs. Check out our about page.

Why should I use a financial adviser?

By using an adviser, you have access to the entire market and always have someone in your corner. It’s our job to make sure you have the right strategy and structure for your future, and get you in the best possible position for success. Our initial consult is also free, and we make sure to keep you in the loop of any charges. There are no hidden costs here.

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Beyond the Field

Oh yeah, we’ve got a podcast too! In case you’re not a big reader, or just want to get some jargon-free information, check out our podcast called BeyondTheField. You can find us on just about any podcast platform, which is easy, breezy, beautiful!

Beyond the Field was created to get you out of your normal field, whatever that may mean. We have interesting people, small-business owners, and we talk about topical news and stories, removing the financial jargon. We believe education is a right, not a privilege.

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