Rosy Hannaway | Financial Adviser In Insurance

Written by Money Empire

March 18, 2021

Who is Rosy?

Rosy is our newest addition to the financial advising team, and we couldn’t be more proud to have her with us. She is building out the insurance arm of Money Empire, rounding out what we can offer to our clients. 

Financial planners and bankers in her family brought her up to think all things finance, so risk management is in the blood. But, before she embarked on the financial adviser journey, she was a graduate of science! 

Starting out with her passions in psychology and sports & exercise, she was a personal trainer. Rosy has always enjoyed helping people, taking pride in getting people to their health goals. After five years in this client-oriented industry, she made the move to help others meet their financial goals, understanding the longevity of their actions. She went back to study her Level 5 Certificate in Finance to ensure the advice she gives to clients is of a high standard.

Why Insurance Advising?

Rosy saw a necessary gap in the market to help people cut through the clutter of insurance products out there. 

“Insurance is an important foundation in the financial planning pyramid – if you don’t choose wisely at the beginning then it can all come tumbling down when your financial position takes a hit”. 

Staying true to her first career’s roots, she has focused on helping others and being part of the process to provide financial security. She finds genuine joy and satisfaction in helping others in their time of need and be the calm in the storm during tough times. It’s really rewarding to handle insurances in times of need so that your clients feel secure, safe, and can grieve without the stress of financial worries. 

Money Goals?

It’s a classic Kiwi dream to buy a house and own some land, and Rosy is no exception! She wants to buy her dream home, create financial security through building savings and create an investment portfolio. One day she wants to own three houses, one in Auckland, one up in Northland on family land, and the other in Queenstown.

What about free time?

Rosy’s free time is drilled into family time, nature fixes, and mental tranquility. If the weather is good, she likes to get out in nature and in winter, loves to go for a ski trip. Rosy really focuses on a balanced life and seeking calmness. 

What’s something people don’t know or guess about Rosy?

That she used to represent New Zealand in track and field, specifically sprinting.

She’s an amazing adviser, with a heart of gold, and a heap of insurance knowledge. Get in touch with her here.

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