What are the advantages of working with a mortgage adviser?

How can a mortgage advisor support your property dreams?

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The world of property investment is full of confusing and tricky concepts. From mortgages and portfolios to interest rates and loans, how is the average New Zealander expected to know how best to approach these foreign terms?

With financial literacy lost in the education curriculum, more and more Generation Y and millennials are turning to mortgage advisers to help secure their dream property. Of course, while advisers assist in conveying these new concepts, they can also add immense value to how successful your property portfolio is. 

To learn more, we spoke to Money Empire Manager Kayne Wahlstrom and Registered Financial Adviser Goran Loncar.

Mortgage advisers save you time and effort

With banks and lenders all having different credit terms and interest rates, it's sometimes hard to work your way through the numbers. This is where mortgage advisers are beneficial – acting on your behalf and giving you impartial advice.

"Advisers have regular contact with a range of banks and lenders and this enables them to work with different interest rates and terms. As such, an adviser will help clients to find the best outcome for them," Goran said.

Find the right mortgage terms for you and your family.Find the right mortgage terms for you and your family.

Kayne explained that this means clients can receive non-product based advice, a mortgage based on their needs, not any other factors.

"If an individual went directly through a bank or lender, they could only be supplied the product from that provider and this might not meet their entire financial strategy," Kayne said.

"As banks and lenders also rely on advisors to bring in business, Money Empire has access to better interest rates than what's currently available on their website. In fact, we can get bank fees and other charges waived – something that saves our clients in the long term," Goran continued.

A goal-orientated and flexible approach

Be confident about your mortgage goals and ambitions.Be confident about your mortgage goals and ambitions.

Every mortgage is structured differently and an advisor is ideally placed to take this all into account. 

"Understanding a client's financial goals and objectives moving forward is important because that can determine what type of mortgage is taken out and what the set-up is," Kayne explained.

Banks and lenders will often provide the mortgage and then not provide any ongoing support.

This also extends to advice on how to best repay the mortgage based on your financial situation. Goran noted that banks and lenders will often provide the mortgage and then not provide any ongoing support, something that advisors pursue over the long term.

"If I went directly through a bank and asked for a mortgage, they wouldn't tell me how to pay it back quicker – it's not in their best interests to do so," he said.

With a mortgage advisor from Money Empire, their best interests are also your best interests. From supporting the set-up of your mortgage to working through interest rates and repayment schemes, our team can work with you over many years to ensure your mortgage has a positive impact on your life.

For more information about how a mortgage advisor can support your financial goals, reach out to the team at Money Empire today.

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