March 27, 2017
What you need to know before talking to a financial adviser

5 Things You Need To Know Before You Talk To A Financial Adviser

We know engaging with a financial adviser can be a bit freaky, especially if you’ve never worked with one before. The thought of sharing your financial dreams, strengths and weaknesses with someone else can be as nerve wracking as a first date, but it doesn’t need to be! Before your first meeting with a financial adviser, there are just a few key things to know – things that will make your experience with a financial […]
March 9, 2017

Why you need a financial adviser

It’s one thing to manage your money well enough to get by day-to-day, but if you want to significantly and positively impact your financial position year on year – which we know you do if you’re building an empire – it pays to consider the bigger picture. Despite your level of financial literacy, a financial adviser (who should ideally be a trusted partner) can provide an additional perspective on your situation and help you get […]
February 27, 2017
Financial goals and budgeting

Money matters: Achieving your financial goals for 2017

We’ve all had the experience of starting the new year with good intentions, whether they be to take up running, cut out coffee, or just drink more water each day. These resolutions start well for a while, but our resolve often starts to fade if we haven’t created a new habit or lifestyle around the changes we want. While these tips might indirectly help you to tackle the other goals you ambitiously set on New […]
February 19, 2017
2017 Financial Planning in Auckland

Make 2017 your best money year yet!

2017 may be the Year of the Rooster, but that little birdie also told us that it’s the year you take on the world – the year you get that much closer to building your empire. Armed with lofty goals and big dreams, you’ll need a real, solid plan to save your ambitions from following in the footsteps of most well-intentioned resolutions, which tend to fade about as fast as your hangover on New Year’s […]