November 13, 2020
buying at auction after the auction

Buying at Auction – After the Auction | Ep. 164

Congratulations - you have successfully won at auction. The house is almost yours. The BTF team take you through the final steps to secure your new abode.
November 18, 2020
LVR change investment properties

Change To LVR’s On Investments | Ep. 166

Today's topic: LVR's (loan to value ratio). The housing market is going crazy, the interest rates are super low, and developers are paying over price. We talk through the Reserve Bank's announcement on reining back the LVR's for investment properties to 70%.
November 20, 2020
bank turnaround times

Bank Turnaround Times | Ep. 167

We know the housing market is insane right now, and the bank turnaround times are reflecting this. The BTF team chat through what is taking so long, and why?
November 25, 2020
black friday sales

Black Friday Sales | Ep. 169

A very topical podcast, the infamous Black Friday Sales! We're heading into Christmas, and we’re beginning to stack on personal debt. But, how to not overspend this Friday, and what is the psychology behind this shopping.