August 28, 2020
property title

Conveyancing a Property Title ft. Principle of Lateral Lawyers, Shane Rohde | Ep. 120

Having a lawyer review your property title is one of the key steps in the purchase process. But what does a lawyer actually do and what are they looking for? Our legal expert, Shane Rohde, Principle of Lateral Lawyers, shares his expert advice on the conveyancing process and explains some of the common terms they come across and what that could mean for the purchaser.
October 2, 2020
Can I use KiwiSaver to Buy into an Existing Property

Can I use KiwiSaver to Buy into an Existing Property? | Ep. 145

Isa chats to Kayne & Goran on a scenario where a first home buyer wants to buy into an existing property with the current owner and use Kiwisaver as the deposit.