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January 28, 2021

Podcasts to promotions: What Money Empire got up to in 2020

2020 was a hell of a year. The COVID-19 pandemic shook the world, the New Zealand property market went through the roof and we all sat through a few dozen Zoom calls. 

On top of all that, the Money Empire team has had a super busy year. We started a brand new podcast, one of our sharpest advisers scored a promotion and we helped more Kiwis buy a home than ever before. 

The Beyond the Field Podcast takes off

In Dec 2019/Jan 2020, Isa Nacewa (Money Empire Adviser) and Kayne Wahlstrom (founder, manager) started the Beyond the Field podcast. At first, its focus was to help professional sports players look after their money and to hear their personal finance journeys. But we quickly discovered that there was a wider audience for Beyond the Field – we had Kiwis of all shapes and sizes listening in, including plenty who had never played sports. So after just a few episodes, we widened our focus. After a while, Goran Loncar joined the podcast as a regular speaker. 

The podcast now provides financial and investment knowledge and practical tips for anyone looking to grow their wealth beyond whatever field they’re working in, including interviews with fascinating Kiwis from all walks of life. It covers everything you know to navigate the worlds of property, mortgages, investment, insurance and more. 

Kayne, Isa and the team worked hard all year to create over 180 unique episodes, and gained thousands of streams. In the space of just 12 months, Beyond the Field went from nothing to one of the favourite property and investment podcasts around! 

Listen here.

Lisa Barton promoted to Senior Adviser

Lisa Barton is our finance guru here at Money Empire. Since she’s been here, she’s helped countless people buy their dream homes, save for retirement and reach their money goals (as well as giving birth to two beautiful girls, Chloe and Courtney). In 2020, in recognition of all her amazing work, she was promoted to Senior Adviser. Congrats Lisa, you’re awesome! 

Get in touch with Lisa if you’d like a hand reaching your financial goals in 2021. 

Neve starts her financial adviser courses

3 years ago, Neve started at Money Empire as a client service coordinator and quickly made herself indispensable. She is the first point of contact for most clients, and helps run the insurance side of the business.  In 2020, she started studying to become a registered financial adviser.

“I love hearing stories when we’ve really helped our clients smash their goals. It could be anything from helping someone get into their first home, to buying a family bach, to helping someone buy their third investment property,” Neve said. 

Record number of happy clients

2020 was Money Empire’s busiest year yet. We helped a heap of people realise their dreams of buying property and securing a comfortable retirement. 

New Marketer in the mix

Here at Money Empire, we have grown so much that we have handed over the marketing reigns to Lydia, our new marketing specialist. For most of 2020, Jess and Neve co-captained and steered the ship of marketing between them. Lydia comes from a creative advertising agency background and fits in with the team like a glove. 

As busy as this year was, we reckon 2021 will be even busier. Get in touch with the team at Money Empire for help with everything property, insurance and financial.

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