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February 28, 2020

GUEST SPEAKER, Lisa Edwards. Barfoot & Thompon Real Estate Agents and Companies Relieving Manager | Ep. 21

In this episode Kayne & Isa speak with Lisa Edwards from Barfoot & Thompson who is one of the leading Barfoot agents and has just been appointed relieving manager for the company. We discuss her current journey within the organisation, the property market and what makes a good agent.
February 26, 2020

Revolving Credit or Offset Facilities? | Ep.20

In Episode 20 Kayne & Isa talk about and describe what a revolving credit facility is, who should use it and the advantages and disadvantages of the facility.
February 24, 2020

How do Goals Shape your Mortgage Structure? | Ep. 19

In this episode, Kayne & Isa talk about the importance of goal setting when taking into consideration a mortgage and why this should be your focus rather than the lowest interest rate.
February 21, 2020

GUEST SPEAKER – Ish Sodhi. Black Caps Spin Bowler | Ep. 18

Kayne and Isa speak with Ish Sodhi - Black Caps Spin Bowler and all round great guy! Ish shares details of his personal life, his journey through cricket, hobbies and what he is doing Beyond the Field.
February 19, 2020

What is Equity? True vs. Bank | Ep. 17

In this episode, Kayne is in the hot seat, as he explains what Equity in a property means, how to use it and the difference between true equity and bank equity.
February 17, 2020

Loan to Value Ratio’s – What are they? | Ep. 16

In this episode, Kayne & Isa discuss in general terms what Loan to Value ratio’s mean to a borrower and lender, how they impact the housing market and how they may impact you.
February 14, 2020

GUEST SPEAKER – Ben Atiga. Ex Auckland Blues and All Blacks Star | Ep. 15

In this episode, Isa speaks with Ben Atiga on his journey through rugby and how he dealt with his rapid rise to stardom, the pitfalls that come along with professional sport and what he is doing Beyond the Field.
February 12, 2020

How do Banks / Lenders get Money for Mortgages? | Ep. 14

In this episode, Kayne & Isa discuss how banks and second tier lenders acquire money so a borrower can use as a mortgage.
February 10, 2020

Prime vs Non Prime Lending | Ep. 13

In this episode, Kayne & Isa discuss the difference in prime (bank) and non prime (second tier) lending, what the benefits are of each and who may fit the categories.