The Beyond the Field podcast series provides expert advice and education for anyone who wants to grow their wealth using property, from first home buyers through to seasoned property investors. It is powered by Kayne Wahlstrom, Isa Nacewa and Jess Wahlstrom. Kayne is the co-founder of Money Empire with over ten years experience in the financial advice industry. Isa is an ex-professional rugby player who has successfully transitioned into a career in finance and property and, Jess, co-founder of Money Empire, brings her creative vision to the series and appears on the Guest Speaker episodes.

Beyond the Field 2.0 is the same great content with a fresh new look and feel. We have designed the content to educate and inspire to tick off your property and finance goals. And when we say ‘Beyond the Field’ we mean YOUR field – whatever that may be. BTF gives you an exclusive behind the scenes insight into the property and finance industry to provide you with the power, to take back control of your future. Each week BTF releases educational episodes as well as Guest Episodes, where we chat with industry leaders, entrepreneurs, sports stars, and the stories of everyday people.

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November 23, 2020

Renters Beware of Cheeky Landlords | Ep. 168

Renters beware: don’t let your landlord get too cheeky and sneaky with these six charges. If you’re a renter saving for your first home, don’t get overcharged.
November 20, 2020
bank turnaround times

Bank Turnaround Times | Ep. 167

We know the housing market is insane right now, and the bank turnaround times are reflecting this. The BTF team chat through what is taking so long, and why?
November 18, 2020
LVR change investment properties

Change To LVR’s On Investments | Ep. 166

Today's topic: LVR's (loan to value ratio). The housing market is going crazy, the interest rates are super low, and developers are paying over price. We talk through the Reserve Bank's announcement on reining back the LVR's for investment properties to 70%.
November 16, 2020
image of podcast | auckland's developing suburbs

Auckland’s Developing Suburbs | Ep. 165

We know that there's a shortage of homes in NZ, with a heap of Government input to generate more. This podcast, we talk through the five main areas that are developing as we speak: Hobsonville Point, Mount Roskill, Mangere, Tamaki, and Northcote.
November 13, 2020
buying at auction after the auction

Buying at Auction – After the Auction | Ep. 164

Congratulations - you have successfully won at auction. The house is almost yours. The BTF team take you through the final steps to secure your new abode.
November 11, 2020
buying at auction during the auction

Buying at Auction – During the Auction | Ep. 163

Now that all of your ducks are in a row, adrenaline is pumping - Kayne and Isa talk you through the steps of an auction to help you keep cool, calm and collected when it matters most.
November 10, 2020
buying at auction before the auction

Buying at Auction – Before the Auction | Ep. 162

Auctions are a great way to sell property if you are the vendor - and can be an adrenaline-packed experience for the potential purchaser. Over the next three episodes, the BTF team will discuss all things auction - before, during and after, to help prepare those on the hunt for their next property!
November 9, 2020
jessie bird blake cooper nz builders

GUEST SPEAKERS – Jesse Bird & Blake Cooper from NZ Builders | Ep. 161

Quality Builders are in hot demand around the country right now! So we count ourselves pretty lucky that the Directors of NZ Builders joined us on the podcast. This weeks guest speakers are Jesse Bird and Blake Cooper from NZ Builders. The boys answer some common questions around building and renovating - like what sort of renovations add the most value to your home, what is the process when looking to renovate and the most common delays on a build project. They share their business journey too! Well worth a listen for anyone considering renovations or building! Not only do they deliver quality building work, they have THE best communication (something, that in our experience, can be hard to come by in the trades industry).
November 2, 2020
don't panic buy your home

Desperate to buy? Things to keep in mind in a hot market? | Ep. 160

Due diligence, professional advice, good planning and understanding your numbers will all help you work towards making a strong methodical decision to avoid panic buying.