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Beyond the Field 2.0 is the same great content with a fresh new look and feel. We have designed the content to educate and inspire to tick off your property and finance goals. And when we say ‘Beyond the Field’ we mean YOUR field – whatever that may be. BTF gives you an exclusive behind the scenes insight into the property and finance industry to provide you with the power, to take back control of your future. Each week BTF releases educational episodes as well as Guest Episodes, where we chat with industry leaders, entrepreneurs, sports stars, and the stories of everyday people.

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July 27, 2020

GUEST SPEAKER – Campbell Strachan. Director of Strachan Group Landscape Architects | Ep. 99

The BTF team sit down with Campbell Strachan - Director of Strachan Group Landscape Architects (SGLA) to discuss his journey in business. Cam has been in the industry for 13 years with a love for the outdoors and the natural New Zealand landscape. Despite qualifying from Lincoln University and having built a successful business, Cam shares how everyone thinks he is a glorified gardener - he is anything but! The time, planning and strategy that goes into his projects always delivers the desired outcome for his clients. And the SGLA work speaks for itself - contemporary, sophisticated and unique outdoor spaces that are stylish and functional whilst reflecting the natural site and the client.
July 22, 2020

BTF Listener Question – What will make interest rates rise? | Ep. 98

Shout out to our listener from Gisborne who reached out with the following question… ‘In these times of super-low interest rates, what are scenarios and/or economic conditions which may trigger a rise in interest rates?’
July 20, 2020

Property Market Update | Ep. 97

U or V shape recovery, low interest rates, wage subsidies and unemployment. Why is the property market buoyant and showing confidence? The BTF team discuss all the contributing factors to the current position of the property market.
July 17, 2020

GUEST SPEAKERS – Shenine Dube & Grace Tauber, Founders of Doe Donuts | Ep. 96

The ultimate Donut Duo pack as much fun, personality and energy as their incredible doughnuts! Shenine and Grace are the founders of Doe Donuts, an e-commerce doughnut store taking Auckland and the gram by storm. After spending some time absorbing the food scene in Sydney, the girls returned to NZ and started making doughnuts for friends and family. It wasn't long before the girls' products were in hot demand, and they became available to the public. Doe Donuts is a direct reflection on the girls – every element of the business is them. They are both the brains and the brawn behind the operation – showing how far hard work, commitment and a great attitude can get you.
July 15, 2020

Multiple Borrowers | Ep. 95

It is becoming a more common scenario having two couples team up to get on the property ladder. In situations like this, it's essential to understand how the banks consider applications with multiple borrowers for debt servicing, lending criteria and who intends to occupy the property.
July 13, 2020

BTF Listener Question | Ep. 94

‘I want to purchase an investment property and want to know some key things to look for.’ Today the BTF team discuss an interesting listener question we received last week – there are lots of things to consider when doing your research to purchase an investment property. Listen in to hear our top tips.
July 13, 2020

GUEST SPEAKER – Sacha Hughes, Founder of Movement Pilates | Ep. 93

This weeks guest, Sacha Hughes, is a perfect example of the power of knowing your WHY! After reaching great success in her tennis career at a young age, Sacha reached a point in her playing career when she was ready to move on from the sport. But before she jumped into her next venture, Sacha spent weeks understand the three prerequisites of what she wanted her new business to embody. Then, Movement Pilates was born – a calm yet empowering space for both Sacha and her clientele. Jess and Isa sit down with Sacha to talk in more detail about her tennis career and her smooth transition to successful business owner. Check out Movement Pilates at @movement_pilates and
July 8, 2020

Buying off the Plans | Ep. 92

Thanks to a massive amount of new homes popping up around the country, buying off the plans is becoming increasingly popular. If you’re considering getting involved and buying straight off a developer, remember that there are both risks and benefits – it’s essential to review and understand these. If you avoid the common pitfalls, do your research and select the right property, buying off the plans can be a great option.
July 6, 2020

The Basics of an Enduring Power of Attorney ft Glenys Talivai – CEO of the Public Trust. | Ep. 91

An Enduring Power of Attorney plays an important part when it comes to making decisions on someone's behalf. Without one, managing your family affairs can become very difficult. Glenys Talivai – CEO of the Public Trust sits down with Jess & Kayne to explain the basics of an EPA and why they are just as important as a Will.