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Money Empire offers a range of services to help build your future. It makes it easier when one company is able to arrange and control the process of all things property, mortgages and insurance.

Our Property and Finance Services

Mortgage Empire

Whether you’re on your way to buying your first home, restructuring or refinancing, or you’re an investor in property, getting the right home loan advice is key to a better tomorrow.

  • Help you get a home loan for a new home
  • Refinance or restructure your current home loan
  • Investment property advice
  • Non-prime or second-tier lending for out of the box criteria
  • Commercial lending for properties or business opportunities
  • Specialist advice and rates from the experts on all things property and lending

Insurance Empire

Insurance is that intangible thing we buy with the intention of never using it. It’s one of the basics of your money building blocks, like the base of a jenga tower.

  • Personal insurances (Life, Trauma, Income, Mortgage, Health)
  • Home, contents, and car insurance
  • Getting you the best premiums that work within your budget
  • Expert advice on all things insurance

Investment Property Service

Investing in residential property has always been a smart move towards building a financial empire. But choosing the right path is crucial. Making an informed decision to suit your needs and goals will provide the strongest foundation.


  • Expert advice on high-yield or growth locations
  • Relationships with top real estate professionals
  • A wide range of contacts offering new properties for sale
  • External specialised property solicitors and accountants
  • Links to reputable property management companies

Design a Decade

We provide an individualised investment strategy to achieve your specific financial objectives within a predetermined timeframe (decade). This personalised 10-year plan explains the benefits of leveraging to grow your wealth, promotes accountability and demonstrates how to build an investment portfolio. Annual revisions of your strategy will align your goals and outcomes and ensure you are on track to achieve them.


  • Step back and review where you're at
  • Work together to achieve your goals
  • Straightforward and clear financial advice that accounts for lifestyle changes through annual review
  • Growth in asset base and education

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