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At Money Empire, we have an unwavering mission to build sound property and financial success. We put in the effort required to undertake strategic mortgage and insurance planning, so that you can reap the rewards of having financial advisers who are committed to providing secure personalised plans for your long-term success.

Our team of mortgage brokers and insurance advisers understand that it takes hard work and dedication but our advisers have the expertise and experience needed to ensure that you have real tangible results. Put your trust in us and together we will set ourselves on the path of financial growth over time.

Empire Foundations

There are a few levels to building your empire, so which one best fits you?

Own your future

Mortgage Empire

Want to step onto the property ladder as a first home buyer? Already in a mortgage, but looking to review your mortgage options? Or wanting to buy an investment property and leverage a mortgage off your current home? Our mortgage advisers are here to open doors for home buyers and investors alike.

Future-Proof You

Insurance Empire

Insurance gives you one less thing to worry about, when the worst happens. It can provide financial security for yourself and your family in the event of an illness, injury or death. This is why consulting with an insurance adviser is essential to ensure that you have adequate and appropriate insurance in place to protect you and your loved ones.


Investment Property Service

Residential property investment stands out as one of the most enduring and widely embraced investment avenues. Whether you’re eyeing a new build or existing property, we’re here to help you accomplish your property goals. Our experienced team will guide you through the process, to achieve a strong investment yield through rental income, capital growth and a property that suits your specific needs.

Seek what’s next

Design a Decade

When it comes to building an empire, having a clear strategy and strong foundation is key. That's why we created Design a Decade-Property Style, a property, leveraging and safeguarding plan that helps you figure out what you want to achieve and how we can make it happen through our expertise and guidance. Being proactive, not reactive, will get you places. Careful strategy and growth through the market will get you there.

Experts in property and finance

Why use us?

Our epic team of financial advisers have over 50 years of combined experience, helping people get onto the property ladder, build property portfolios and structure mortgages, all while insuring clients correctly.

Salaries: It’s important to us we put the clients first, and we do that by paying our financial advisers salaries, not by commission. We focus on the best outcomes which means you’re not just another statistic.

Real team: A happy team makes for happy clients. We enjoy creating strong relationships with the people we work with, providing quality service and life-changing experiences along the way.

Real talk: We’re all about making financial education easy and accessible, so you won’t find any fancy finance lingo and jargon here.

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