Insurance protects people from unexpected life events whether its property damage, the death of a loved one or illness. To protect what you’ve built up, speak to an insurance adviser who can help look after your hard-earned investments and ensure you’re well protected against any type of loss.

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Why get Insurance?

The proactive fall-back platform to future proof you.

No one can rule out the unfortunate events which might occur in life. So it is ideal to have insurance as a safety net, which looks after your nutritional and financial needs for the future. It’s something worth investing in for your peace of mind. Our insurance advisers will provide you with tailored insurance programs which suit your particular lifestyle and financial situation, in order to ensure you the best coverage concerning all possibilities throughout your future. Be ready for whatever comes ahead!

How does the process work?

Get to know your insurance adviser

Book a time with one of our insurance advisers to discuss your current circumstances and objectives around protecting yourself and your lifestyle.

Insurance recommendations

We present our specialised recommendations, talk through your various options, and answer any questions you may have.

Submit application and run through cover provided

Based on your decision,we submit your application. Once accepted we will do a final run-through of the terms and conditions of your final insurance cover.

Do I need insurance? Won’t ACC help me?

Depending on what has happened to you, ACC may not be able to help. ACC is workplace accident cover, not illness cover! That’s why having health insurance, trauma or total permanent disability cover is important because it means your most important asset is kept safe: you!

Life Insurance

Not just for the grey and old, and it’s not a fun subject to talk about either. This insurance isn’t just for you, it’s for your family.


Help cover funeral costs or any associated health costs


Help to pay off any outstanding debts


Give your family time to grieve without worrying about money

Trauma Insurance

This is for serious illnesses, which are already tough as it is. Focus on getting well, rather than your money. 


Pay out a lump sum on diagnoses of serious illness


Helps you pay any expensive treatment costs


Helps to supplement income or changes to lifestyle

Income Protection Insurance

Having an income helps to make you feel stable, and your ability to earn is truly a huge asset. Should anything happen to prevent or stop you from working, make sure your bills and expenses are covered, and your future self and family are protected.


Pay out monthly benefit to cover your income


Help you keep paying the bills


Provide you with enough time to recover before returning to work

Mortgage Cover Insurance

The market can be crazy, but paying your mortgage off doesn’t have to be. Mortgages are likely some of the biggest debts you take on in your lifetime, so make sure you can still pay it off, even when life happens.


Pay out a monthly benefit to cover your mortgage payments


Not offset against disability benefits such as ACC


Help or supplement household running costs


Enable you to make lifestyle changes that are needed from illness or injury

TPD Insurance

(Total and Permanent Disability Insurance)

If a disability can pull you out of work or throw out your finances, this insurance cover can help ensure you are covered no matter what.


Provide a lump sum if you suffer an injury or illness that can leave you permanently and totally disabled


Help you pay off debts or medical expenses


Help you to make lifestyle changes that are needed from your disability

Health & Medical Cover

Health & medical cover is in place to cover any of your daily medical expenses, right through to specialists and tests, surgeries and private hospital cover.


Day to day medical costs


Diagnostic imaging and tests


Any surgeries you require


Private hospital car

House, Car, and Contents Insurance

Home, car, and contents insurance can help to protect what are your biggest and often most valuable assets.


Cover any accidental damage to your assets


Pay costs to replace or repair loss or damage caused by theft, damage, or natural disasters


Help to pay any repairs to another person’s car if you caused an accident

Landlord Protection

Landlord protection is vital to keep your investment property safe from a tenant sharing your asset.


Accidental and malicious damage


Damage to your property or someone else’s


Loss of rent or a disappearing tenant


Liability protection

Business Insurance

Everybody thinks about personal risk exposure, but nobody thinks about the issues that may occur inside a business when accidents or illnesses happen. Whether you’re a start-up, or a proven track history, business insurance is key to maintain revenue and growth.

Ready to protect your empire?

It’s always best to have a professional adviser look at your situation and provide tailored advice as to what type and how much insurance should be taken out. All you need to do is send us a message and leave the hard work to us.