July 27, 2021

Pay Off Home Loan Or Invest In Property?

Property investment is just one aspect of creating long-term wealth and is a Kiwi favourite. Whether you want to pay off your mortgage or your investment property, OR you don't know where to start, this is a good place to begin.
July 14, 2021

Travel Insurance 101: The Low Down

COVID-19 has shed light on a lot of gaps in people’s lives, whether it be money, or understanding the importance of insurance. Choose the right insurance for your travels in this new age.
July 6, 2021

Tax Deductibility | The Latest On The Housing Policy

What’s happening with the tax deductibility discussion form since the housing policy updates in March 2021? Read our article to find out the latest.
June 10, 2021

Funny Money Mistakes Our Team Have Made

Financial advisers can still make money mistakes. These are a universal learning lesson that everyone can relate to, no matter the age, stage, career, or lifestyle!
June 2, 2021
First Home Buyer Survival Guide By Money Empire

First Home Buyer Survival Guide

Are You A First Home Buyer, Or Generally Want To Buy A Home, And Not Even Sure Where To Begin? Read The First Home Buyer Survival Guide.
May 11, 2021

What’s Up With Mental Health And Money Health? Are They Related?

Mental health and money go hand in hand, and it’s finally being acknowledged during COVID. Read on about how mental health and economic health go hand in hand and how to push forward.
April 21, 2021
rent a home vs. buy a home

Renting a Home vs. Buying a Home

People are always told to go buy their dream home, but what if you’re not sure that’s for you? Read our latest article.
April 8, 2021
Advice on Mortgages Mortgage Broker

Basic Advice on Mortgages For Just About Anyone

Being smart with your mortgage can also save you thousands in the long run, so read to learn more and get advice on mortgages.
March 26, 2021
NZ Housing Policy Update

Housing Policy Update | March 2021

The Money Empire team have decided to weigh in on the latest update, and how this will impact you as an investor, tenant, or first home buyer.