Design a Decade Property Style

“Design A Decade Property Style” is here to assist and guide anyone looking to improve their financial situation through property investment over the next 10 years, whether you already own a home, an investment property, or neither. Specific to your needs and updated to reflect any life changes, Design a Decade encompasses portfolio building strategy, leveraging, cashflow, wealth protection and wealth creation.

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Transform your current situation

What is “Design a Decade Property Style?”

Investing in property is based on the cyclical nature of the market. Typically, it takes around a decade before significant benefits start to materialise.

The decade will ideally build a foundation for a future where opportunities and flexibility are abundant. It provides individuals with the financial freedom to make decisions about working less, retirement, or expanding their property portfolios, rather than relying on income.

By employing this strategy, investors can establish a well-defined plan to achieve their specific financial objectives within a predetermined timeframe. This approach promotes careful cashflow and budgeting, insurance packages and mortgage recommendations to suit and remain on course with the overall strategy while holding personal accountability.

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How does the”Design a Decade” cycle work?

Year 0

Prepare and Activate the Idea

Year 1

The Art of Approach and Strategy

Year 2-4

Portfolio Building

Year 5


Year 6-10

Assess and Enhance

The Forthcoming Years

Shaping the Next Decade

Ask yourself: If you had the chance to rewrite your financial journey from the last 10 years, what alterations would you make? How would that impact your current position?

Establish a property strategy

The benefits of “Design a Decade”

Developing a comprehensive 10-year plan is crucial for property investors to maintain focus and strive towards attainable goals. This approach is especially effective when implemented during a phase where sufficient working years remain, allowing investors to repeat the process and maximise returns over the span of two decades – in essence, a 20-year plan. By following an established strategy tailored to your goals, you can significantly impact your financial future for the better.

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