Accessible ways to make passive income in NZ

Written by Money Empire

March 4, 2019

It’s everyone’s dream – an income stream that requires no work on your end, also called passive income. While you are off enjoying life, money pours into your accounts. It sounds ideal, doesn’t it?

You might not find the reality quite so simple. However, don’t dismiss the idea completely – setting up a passive income source probably isn’t quite so far fetched as you believe. What are the main ways of generating passive income, and how can you achieve it in NZ? Here’s a few ideas to help you build your financial empire.

What is passive income?

Any time you aren’t actively involved with deriving money you come into, it’s classified as passive income. Generally, you’ll find that there are two main activities that produce these kind of earnings – managing a rental property or investing.

A rental property is one of the most well-known ways of generating a passive income source.


A rental property provides you with a way to supplement your earnings on a fortnightly or monthly basis and is probably one of the best known sources of passive incomes. However, this route does require a large financial investment right at the beginning when you purchase the property.

If you’re thinking about owning a rental property, you’ll need to consider:

  • How you’ll structure your mortgage.
  • The time involved with maintaining your property.
  • How you’ll find your tenants.

However, should you find the right people to live at your property, a rental can provide a steady income with minimal effort involved for years.


Investing your money in stocks, bonds and annuities is a great way to make your money do the hard yards for you.

Most people approach investing with a lot of trepidation. Trying to figure out what’s happening on the stock market isn’t always simple, and there are risks to consider. However, it’s a path many still choose, and when done right it earns them money with almost zero direct involvement.

If investing is something you’re thinking about, it’s wise to do a lot of research before beginning. Look at everything from how you should diversify your investments to how receiving dividends works. Consider getting advice from a professional as well. Not only can they help you in understanding how you need to account for any income you receive during a tax year, they can assist you in choosing where you’ll invest your money.

Turning your hobbies into side hustles can help you create a source of passive income in the long run.

Other accessible options for making passive income in NZ

While rentals and investments are generally the main sources people turn to for passive income, if they don’t work for you there are still other options to consider. Many people start side hustles to bring in extra money on top of their day jobs. While these often require work initially, it’s possible to set them up so that in the future they begin generating passive income.

Often which path you will go down depends on your own personal interests. The more aligned your side hustle is with your own passions, the easier you’ll find it to put the time and effort in and the sooner it’ll likely start adding to your earnings. Here are a few options to consider:

  • Running a website or blog: You can earn advertising revenue from your site.
  • Restructure any loans: While not exactly a source of income, ensuring your loans are set up to suit your needs can reduce the money going out of your accounts, all without any effort on your part after the initial changes. Over the term of your loan you have the potential to save thousands.
  • Interest on your savings. 
  • YouTube tutorials: Similar to having a site, once you’re established you can use it to bring in advertising revenue.
  • Podcasts.
  • Photography: Sell your photos online or work at weddings and other functions.

If you’re looking for ways to increase earnings and grow your financial empire, we’re here to help. Here at Money Empire, we support our clients in identifying and achieving their goals.

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