Meet Emma & Josh: low deposit first home buyers

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First home buyers face an uphill battle here in Auckland. They compete against cashed-up investors in an expensive and competitive market, and often that means they settle for less than they had hoped. 

Emma & Josh, a couple from the North Shore were in that same boat earlier in the year when they started looking to buy a house. But just a few short months later, they’re loving life in their new home in Torbay. We chatted with them about their journey. 

Meet Emma & Josh: First home owners

Like many Kiwis, Emma says the security of buying a home was important to her and her partner:

“Buying a house is important to me because it’s more permanent and certain than renting. Plus it’s great that we can renovate it to suit our lifestyle – and finally get a dog!” 

Emma is a human resources consultant while her partner owns his own business. When they’re not working or thinking about adopting a dog, they’re grabbing dinner with family and friends and staying active at the gym. 

The first home buying challenge

Since buying property and securing a home loan aren’t taught at school, most Kiwis are a bit lost their first time around. Emma reckons she was exactly the same:

“I had no idea what I was doing to be honest. I didn’t know how much money I would need for a deposit, and how to go about finding the best home loan.”

To make matters worse, Emma spoke to a couple of banks to kick things off and they weren’t much help:

“Securing a mortgage was not straightforward for my partner and me. He has his own business and I’ve had a recent career change, so on paper we probably don’t appear like ideal borrowers to a bank.”

The solution

Emma and Josh were chatting to a friend about buying a house when their mate recommended speaking to us, Money Empire. We helped the couple improve their loan application, secure a low-deposit home loan, navigate the buying process and finally end up in their dream home in sunny Torbay. It’s freestanding with a garage, a backyard and plenty of room for a couple of puppies to run around. 

We were pretty happy with the result so when we chatted to Emma we were so stoked to see that she was too:

“Money Empire were really responsive, friendly and easy to talk to. They explained everything to me at each step and always reassured me that I could ask as many questions as I needed. I felt like they were just as invested in getting me into my first home as I was, and that they really cared.” 

For now, the couple are happily enjoying their new space but in the near future, they may complete some minor renovations to make their home even more liveable. In the distant future, Emma reckons their next house will be their final home:

“Our dream would be to build a house one day that will be our permanent home.”The best part of our job here at Money Empire is helping good people into homes that they can enjoy with family for years to come. If you’re thinking about buying a home soon, give us a call – we’d love to do the same for you.

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